Caretaker™ Technology

Water is directed by the Caretaker valve to cleaning heads located strategically throughout your pool. During each cleaning cycle, a group of heads rises slightly from the floor to project a powerful stream of water that propels debris towards the main drain. This thorough process efficiently cleans 99% of your pool while circulating water, chemicals, and heat in a fraction of the time it would take other pool cleaning systems.

Pool Diagram

What Sets the Caretaker System Apart

Better Cleaning Coverage – Heads rotate through 18 positions (more than any competitor) in a full 360°, providing complete and reliable coverage.

Energy Efficient – Systematically pushes all debris to the main drain.

Adjustability – 6 nozzle sizes (more than any competitor) maximize the flow needed for select areas and allow customized flow for steps, benches, and swimouts.

Flexibility – Unique collar design provides flexible positioning of heads for maximum cleaning.