Caretaker Revolution 6-Port In Floor Cleaning Valve for Swimming Pools

New Hydraulic 6-Port Valve


The All-New Revolution 6-Port Valve is the most durable, efficient, and easiest to service in-floor pool cleaning valve we have ever built.

Won’t Crack Under Pressure
Featuring an all-new design and industry-exclusive technologies, Revolution is built for ultimate durability. Designed and tested in-house, Revolution passed the most rigorous tests we have ever conducted. This is the most durable in-floor pool cleaning valve we’ve built. Ever.

  • Ultra-durable valve plate with ball bearings
  • Extra thick gears
  • Dual-reinforced support shafts
  • New, strong hydraulic drive system

New Levels of Efficiency
With the new and innovative design of the QuickFlow™ Hydraulic Shifting System, Revolution maximizes full-pressure cleaning time with shorter and smoother zone shifting. The result, more debris being flushed out of the pool with reduced head loss. Revolution’s low-pressure compatibility also eliminates dead head.

  • Larger 2” diameter ports
  • Longer, full-pressure cleaning time on each zone
  • Little to no head loss

Easy and Simple
Revolution features incredible, hassle-free internal accessibility thanks to a single band clamp allowing for quick access to the easily-replaceable, one-piece gear cassette. We had service technicians in mind when designing Revolution as our easiest and simplest in-floor cleaning valve to service.

Models Description
WK000030 Hydraulic Valve, 6 Port, Blk, 2″ Complete
WK000036 Hydraulic Valve, 6 Port, Blk, 2″ Pre-Plumbing Kit (Note: will need valve cassette to complete valve)

Parts Breakout Diagram


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