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Larger debris such as leaves, twigs, and bugs will eventually end up in your pool and can damage your filter or inhibit water flow. By utilizing a safe, venturi-powered main drain system like Leaf-B-Gone you can prevent this type of debris from getting into your pool circulation system. With simple deck access, Leaf-B-Gone doubles the filtering process to safely and effectively remove debris before it enters your pool’s system.



Models Description
4-2-400 Zodiac White Floor Canister Cover, White Floor, With Screws
4-2-401 Zodiac Light Gray Floor Canister Cover, Light Gray Floor, With Screws
4-2-402 Zodiac Dark Gray Floor Canister Cover, Dark Gray Floor, With Screws
4-2-403 Zodiac Cream Floor Canister Cover, Cream Floor, With Screws
4-2-404 Zodiac Gold Floor Canister Cover, Gold Floor, With Screws
4-2-406 Zodiac Black Floor Canister Cover, Black Floor, With Screws
Brochures & Manuals


Jandy Leaf-B-Gone

Leaf-B-Gone Installation & Maintenance Guide

Item #: TL-1327
File Size: 1395191
Language: EN

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Leaf-B-Gone Quick Reference Guide

Item #: TL-1303
File Size: 64632
Language: EN

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Leaf-B-Gone Hydrostatic Valve Installation Instructions

Item #: TL-1313
File Size: 880164
Language: EN

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Leaf-B-Gone Pressure Test Kit Instructions

Item #: TL-1328
File Size: 386562
Language: EN

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Leaf-B-Gone Pressure Gauge Installation Instructions

Item #: TL-1333
File Size: 377486
Language: EN

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