Caretaker In Floor Cleaning Valve for Swimming Pools

This high efficiency valve boosts pool cleaning capacity to a powerful level that competitors can’t touch. Perfect for larger pools or those with multiple water features.

Models Description
5-7-300 Caretaker 8-Port Valve, Molded, Electronic, programmable 8-Port Water Valve, Complete
Caretaker 8-Port Part Diagram
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I tell which Caretaker system I have?
How do I inspect cleaning heads?
The Caretaker 8-Port Valve fan does not run.
How do I access the Caretaker 8-Port Valve (UltraFlex 2) electronics?
How do I reset the Caretaker 8-Port Valve (UltraFlex2)?
How should I verify cable and connections?
Why is the controller LED light flashing?
The Caretaker 8-Port valve is leaking.
The Caretaker 8-Port valve does not pause at an outlet port.
The Caretaker 8-Port valve does not cycle.
Brochures & Manuals


Caretaker In Floor Swimming Pool Cleaning System

Caretaker Brochure

Item #: SL1300
File Size: 432186
Language: EN

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Caretaker Owner's Manual

Caretaker Owner’s Manual

Item #: TL-1301
File Size: 602236
Language: EN

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Caretaker 8-Port Valve Installation and Maintenance Guide

Caretaker 8-Port Valve Manual

Item #: TL-1322
File Size: 1814139
Language: EN

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